We Accept Guest Posts!


We are accepting guest posts on our site from only bloggers! And, No companies.

Guest posting means writing and posting a blog post on someone else’s website. Guest posting means speaking to a different audience through your own style.

It is a nice way to connect with new readers. Guest posting gives you exposure to a new audience. It lets you communicate with a different audience and be known among them.

Reasons why guest posts are good for blogging:

  • It helps you establish a long-term relationship with the blog owner.
  • Gives exposure to your blog.
  • Gets you backlinks.
  • Collaboration opportunities and nicer relationships with other bloggers.


If you have a liking for writing a piece of article or a blog post then you are highly welcomed. If you think you have expertise in blogging, book and movie reviewing, business, or making money online then ‘be our guest’.

We cannot guarantee that your content will be published but we’re easily convinced of quality content, outstanding ideas and in-depth posts. If you are a professional writer, you should just send me a message and we will be happy to publish your guest post.

Pitch us an idea or the topic of your title. We have the right to pick the content idea. We will discuss it and you can send me the final draft at Lifehubblog@gmail.com.

The conversation will be continued only if we find your site authentic.

Before you hit an email, consider the important aspects of writing a blog post and that is ‘No Copy Paste’. Send us a genuine article that is unique and creative. Be Aware! It will go through the test of plagiarism. 


  • Pitch your blog post idea and if it gets approved then you’re free to submit the article.
  • It would take a week or more than a week to review your submitted content and publish it on our website.
  • The blog post should have at least 700-1000 words with 1-2 links to your website. It should be high-quality content. You’d also submit your profile bio, social media links with a picture. Make sure to edit your post.
  • Format the post and make sure it’s readable. The post should be in short paragraphs.
  • When you submit a guest post, you get a backlink from a DA website which is surely great for your blog ranking.
  • You should establish a connection with us. Share our posts on social media. Leave comments on my blog. Interact with us. 
  • Read my posts to get an idea of what we usually write and accept on my blog.
  • Use the form below to submit your guest post request.

We will give your application a comprehensive look. 

It would be an honor to have your piece on our websites. We are giving you the opportunity to speak to our audience. Be authentic and impressive! 

Submit your application on our “Contact” Page.


  • Book Reviews (Read our Book Review Policy before submitting a pitch for a book review.)
  • Movie Reviews
  • Blogging tips
  • Business tips / Business strategies
  • Work from home
  • Online business
  • Money Making Ideas

For any query, drop a message and please wait for 48h to get a response.