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Review Of Romance Novel Roller Coaster Romance

Do you love theme parks and sweet but intense romance? If yes, Roller Coaster Romance is the book for you. I read it a few days ago, and the first thing that attracted me towards it was the beautiful cover and an attractive synopsis.

Roller Coaster Romance is a book about Venessa, getting a job as the manager, at Destiny, the most beautiful theme park. She, not only, gets her dream job but the most unexpected thing happens, she falls in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.

What Do I think About Roller Coaster Romance?

All the love bits aside, Roller Coaster romance is more about the Destiny Theme Park, the conflict going between the upper management and the employees. How the employees are planning to make a union against the management and the management trying to stop them.

It may sound rough right now. But, reading it gave me the rush of adrenaline at some point. It was nice to read it.

The writing style was on point. The world-building was pretty descriptive, I loved the writer’s imaginations. The descriptions and anecdotes were new and unique.

The way Kate writes, the intense moments and the beautiful world-building. I am in love with it.  I like Thomas’s character a lot. Without trying he is charming and reading him gave me homely feels. Lol.

There were very intense scenes between Venessa and Thomas. A few of them have my heart. The ones like the fireworks, Venessa and Thomas in the theater, and in Vanessa’s office with Dirk. How simply Kate portrayed intensity in the simplest of gestures like eye contact and the slightest of touch.

The story of the fight between the union and the owner of the amusement park. I liked reading it. How Thomas’s strategies work and didn’t work. 

And, I had good vibes about Dirk from the beginning. He may have seemed selfish but he didn’t seem like a jerk.


What I didn’t like About ‘Roller Coaster Romance’?

For some reason, I couldn’t connect or get into the book until page 60. Page 60, that’s when I got the feeling that yes I am reading a book I am liking reading a little. 

It was a sweet romance. But, it was limited. Like, at some scenes, I was craving for more descriptions, and at some moments, I was expecting more. At some points, the expressions, gestures of the characters were not enough for me to connect to them. Again, it was a sweet and intense romance but it was limited.

There were no backstories for characters. I wanted at least the back story for the main characters. It was like, it started and it ended. That’s all.

I’d give it a three-star rating. Well done!

Roller Coaster Romance

When Vanessa finally gets her dream job as a manager at the most elaborate theme park in the world, love is the furthest thing from her mind.  She’s walked right into the middle of a workplace war, and her roguish employee Thomas is clearly on the wrong side.  All she has to do is keep it professional—even if she can’t stop thinking about him.

Thomas has just 30 days to outwit upper management and convince his fellow ride operators to unionize.  Falling for his cool-and-collected new boss is not part of the plan.  So why can’t he stop finding excuses to spend time with her?

About The Author

Kate Moseman

Kate Moseman is a writer, photographer, and recipe developer who lives in Florida with her family and enjoys going to theme parks as frequently as possible.

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