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Romance Novel “Coffee Girl” By Sophie Sinclair

We all romantic love stories and we all love comedies but, when romance and comedy are combined it becomes a ‘must-read’ book.

After reading like a thousand romance books, my search and love for new, refreshing and raw but pure romances never fade.

So, this never-ending search and my curiosity to read brilliant romances made me pick “Coffee Girl” a romantic comedy that hooked me just by its title. The title gave a very fresh and winter-ish vibe, haha.

Coffee Girl 

By Sophie Sinclair 

Coffee Girl is a Romantic Comedy By Sophia Sinclair. It is about a twenty-six-year-old Kiki who works at Men’s fashion magazine and right after reading the first page you would fall in love with Kiki’s sassy but sensible personality.

Kiki’s love life may be as dry as Sahara but her friendship with her best friend TJ sure brings the reader’s mood up to the sky. But, unfortunately, or I might say fortunately she gets fired.

Unemployed, single and fretful Kiki’s life might sound problematic but destiny has something splendid planned for her.

Kiki, then, gets hired for being the assistant of the country music star TATUM REED’s fashion stylist. 

It takes Kiki on a tour with the band and a beautiful journey of her life that is full of emotional storms and happy rollercoaster rides and funny encounters that made me laugh out loud.


What Do I think About The ‘Coffee Girl’?

The story is written from the first-person point of view. It has few cliches like having a loud and cheerful gay best friend TJ, a female protagonist with a sassy personality. (Though Kiki is entirely unique in her character but, she still possesses the sass I have seen in many female protagonists). And, the other cliche is a handsome, popular (a star) male protagonist who eventually shows interest in the female protagonist. (BUT- he has to show interest because Kiki’s personality is awesome!)

As much as, I dislike cliches but this book – even having few cliches – had a unique appeal in it.

In the beginning, the story moved too fast and it was a little surprising and overwhelming for me. But, it gets at a balanced pace after a few starting chapters. 

Sophie Sinclair’s writing style is strong and captivating. I loved the writing style, the funny DIALOGUES, and the beautiful bond characters shared with each other. (AHEM, ONLY THE GOOD CHARACTERS). I liked how smoothly the story moved without losing the charm it had gripped me with. It was humorous and romantic. 

A very pleasing and heart touching and yet funny novel.

Coffee Girl is the perfect book to read if you are in search of a light, humorous and romantic read. It is full of fun and has the ability to lift your mood up.



Mackenzie “Kiki” Forbes finds herself in a pickle. Either become her snarky sister’s nanny, or move halfway across the country to work as assistant-to-the-stylist of a country music star. Neither job sounds ideal, although bedazzling cowboy boots may be a hell of a lot more interesting than ironing her brother-in-law’s underwear. But life on the road as the errand coffee girl for a sold-out tour leaves much to be desired.

That is, until Kiki meets her sinfully sexy new boss’s boss…Tatum Reed’s career is flying high. He’s up for country music’s Entertainer of the Year and he’s headed out on a nationwide sold-out tour. So why does he feel like it’s all about to implode? His superstar ex-girlfriend seems determined to make his life difficult, his opening act is a handful, and the new girl on his tour, the feisty brunette, is quickly getting under his skin. In this crazy world of showbusiness, Tatum needs to learn who he can trust, but that doesn’t come easily, because the one person who holds all the cards may just throw them down and walk away. Life in the public eye is never all it’s cracked up to be, which has both Kiki and Tatum questioning what they’re really doing with their careers, and their hearts.


About the Author

Sophie Sinclair runs on lots of coffee, dark chocolate, and wine—after five p.m. of course. She devours all different genres of books, but romance, especially romantic comedies, are her favorite. If she’s not writing, she’s reading. The rest of the time she’s a mom to two amazing girls, a husband that has put up with having to read her romance novels, her three rescue dogs, her rescue cat, and a guinea pig named Fluff.


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