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Review Of Romance Novel “A Holiday Wish”

Do you feel like reading something that creates a lush and rich vibe around you? Yeah, because I love reading things that bring my mood up. And, I didn’t regret reading the first book from the Silver Bell series, A Holiday Wish By Courtney J.Hall.

A Holiday Wish is about a wedding planne– a very brilliant wedding planner Noelle Silver, happily engaged to her handsome fiance for eight-years. He, unfortunately, turns out to be a jerk and not only cheats on her but without being sorry breaks the engagement.

Emotionally wrecked, Noelle decides to leave the town and the wedding planning business. That’s where the story begins. Brooke St. John has money and she also has the wish to hire Noelle as her wedding planner. And, even, Noelle would have never accepted the offer in the state she was in, but for some reason, which mostly revolved around proving that she’d not run out of town and she doesn’t care about her fiance.

Why Do I think About A Holiday Wish?

My first impression of this book was, ‘rich and luxurious writing’. I mean, reading this simply gave me a feeling of being in my cozy bed and sipping from a mug of frosty coffee on a winter night.

Everything in this book is described so vividly beautiful that even if I read this in the hot days of march, I felt Christmas, winters, and snow surrounding me. Courtney sure has a thing for details and it showed in her writing. The little details made me imagine things clearly and the writing was wow.

The character descriptions, the story build-up, and the plot, everything was on point. I could feel Noelle, and her character was quite the character I want to see. Just the right amount of emotions, maturity, determination, and though she was heartbroken, she pulled herself off very well.

The thing that stole my heart was the world-building (I mean, I lived with Noelle, it was that descriptive and vivid). The sudden humor of Noelle’s thought process in the worst and in serious situations were hilarious. The comic effect of it made me laugh out loud at the most unexpected times.

What I Didn’t Like About ‘A Holiday Wish’?

One thing that actually didn’t go well with me was the genre, I got A Holiday Wish, thinking it’s a romance while reading it and after completing it, I feel it better fits the chick-lit category. Because it’s the story of Noelle Silver who goes through a very emotionally wrecking incident of her life. She becomes stronger and learns how to stand up and support herself regardless of what has happened. Though, she was supported by Erin (Gosh, I love her! I’d want to read a story of her as the main character.) and Brooke, and Everett to some extent.

Though Everett being the male protagonist, he didn’t get much spotlight. (I mean, he did but I want to know him more?). All we knew about him was that he loves his sister Brooke so much, he is protective of her and he’s got a dark past. He seemed kind sometimes, and other times he was reserved, so lost in himself and that’s all. I mean, there were not many moments where his personality came out more, (Idk, it’s just a personal opinion). So that’s why I see this book as more chick-lit than a romance.

Other than that? Nothing.

It was a cliche book, broken engagement, going through that. I mean, we don’t have many stories in the world, it’s the writer that makes the same story new.

Noelle’s character is amazing, she has got a totally unique personality, she is real, she’s got that mature vibe in her. She is totally the way the main female character should be! Her life turned a little cliche maybe, but Courtney J.Hall. did a great job to make it all new. I mean, I had nothing to dislike, no plot holes found. It was honestly a cliche made new with a cherry on top.

It was a beautiful read, it had me like read it asap.

If you’re a reader who likes books with strong female leads, A Holiday Wish is totally for you! Get your copies now!

A Holiday Wish

Noelle Silver has been a wedding planner for six years, and in all that time, the only bride she’s failed to get down the aisle is herself. Abandoned by her fiancé and disillusioned with love, Noelle is ready to pack it in and leave town when Brooke St. John, an orphaned heiress, offers her a staggering amount of money to organize Brooke’s Christmas Eve wedding to a much older man.

Noelle is reluctant at first, but the payment Brooke offers is more than enough for Noelle to start a new life. It’s also an opportunity for Noelle to prove to herself—and her former fiancé—that despite her broken heart, she still has what it takes to pull off a wedding worthy of an heiress in the two months Brooke has given her.

But the best man, Brooke’s older brother Everett, is dead-set on stopping the nuptials. Will he succeed, driving the final nail into the coffin of Noelle’s career as a wedding planner—and shattering what’s left of her expectations of love?

About The Author

Philadelphia native Courtney J. Hall’s writing career began in kindergarten when she was asked to read one of her poems over the school intercom after morning announcements. The creation of such a literary masterpiece had her convinced she would one day be a poet. But when the teenage angst fizzled and she was left with nothing to write about, she turned to short stories, then novels.

Now the author of two full-length novels and a novella. She’s a raging Anglophile, voracious reader, tea drinker, history nerd, and cat thief. She lives with her husband in suburban Philadelphia and is always working on her next novel.


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