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Dangerous Liberty – Read The Review Now

Dangerous Liberty

Do you like reading books that hook you from the first page and you can’t put it down? Well, if yes, this book review will discover one book for you.

I have never been a fan of historical fiction, well, bluntly, I thought it was all about lords and how they liked to do it. Then, suddenly some damsel in distress won their heart and they had a happy ending. 

Well, Dangerous liberty is not your usual historical fiction book. With a lot of research on the post-civil war settings and emotional conflicts, this book was a page-turner for me.

Elisabeth Winter is a composer, pianist, the daughter of senator Winters, and a character worth liking. She is beautiful and a strong woman who knows how to deal with everything, especially men.

Also, She meets the handsome William de la Cuesta in a very beautiful and coincidental manner. However, She yet doesn’t know what the future holds for her and how she is connected to William.


What Do I Think About Dangerous Liberty?

The scenes are fascinating and the imagery is refreshing to read and beautiful. The vocabulary and writing style was rich. The turns and twists the book had, had me reading it like I was drinking water. And, the information on the post-civil war was actually interesting. 

The entire story was a hook for me, and what I loved was the beautiful scenery. The strong female lead, and the handsome, charming De la Cuesta. 

The characters and the world-building were on point. Everything about this book was lovely and realistic. The pace was slow, but I’d say perfectly balanced. The gap among the most exciting scenes was a nice change for me.

At some point, I was angry at Elizabeth for trusting the wrong people and at some point, I was angry at her for not trusting the right people. But, it only added to the excitement I felt.

I loved her relationship with Mai. It was something new and rare. I liked the scene where Elizabeth ran from the men trying to kill her and went looking for William. It was my favorite scene.

Elizabeth going to her childhood’s house was a new aspect of the story that I enjoyed a lot, and it was also refreshing from all that had happened in the book. 

The dramatic end was something I wasn’t expecting but it only increased my love for this book.


What I didn’t like about Dangerous Liberty?


There was nothing to dislike, absolutely nothing. 

I normally enjoy fast-paced novels, but I actually like it the way it is & I am already a fan.

This was my first time reading something written by Mary Sheeran and I honestly don’t regret it, Actually, I loved it. 

The good news is that it is absolutely free on Kindle.

So, yeah, get your copies lovelies!


About the Novel Now

World-renowned composer and pianist Elisabeth Winters returns to the United States from Europe only to discover her life is in terrible danger. Though she wants nothing but to perform her concerts, she finds herself embroiled in layers of political and personal turmoil that have intertwined through the years she’s been abroad. The stakes are high—her life is in certain jeopardy.

When she meets handsome William de la Cuesta under odd circumstances, she can’t deny her immediate feelings of trust. Yet, there is something that disturbs her about him, as well…a memory she can’t quite grasp. How can she trust someone she doesn’t know—someone like de la Cuesta, who could have everything to gain by her murder? Does she have a choice?

More About it

As Elisabeth invokes controversy on many levels, her world becomes even more chaotic with the treachery she discovers taking place in her own inner circle. As the daughter of a prominent senator who was murdered many years before, she takes up the causes he fought and died for—and discovers those powerful men who killed him are now out for her blood, as well.

In a post-Civil War America, can one woman fight to vanquish the same injustice her father battled? Elisabeth believes she can—for love of family, country, and William de la Cuesta—the love of her life— taking the risk of A DANGEROUS LIBERTY is worth everything!



Mary Sheeran is an award-winning author as well as a singer from New York City. As a singer, she has sung Mimi in “La Boheme,” Norina in “Don Pasquale,” and Marie in “La Fille du Regiment” in New York City. She also played and sang the multidimensional role of Evie, Anya, Ginnie, and Ilse in “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off.” In regional and dinner theaters, she played a wide variety of musical and comic roles. She also enjoyed being a theater critic, first for Notre Dame University’s Observer, then for the New York theater trades, Backstage and Show Business.


Fascinated by George Balanchine’s work, she created a unique recital focusing on “Songs From the Balanchine Repertory,” which she sang several times in New York. This recital ultimately grew into her novel, “Quest of the Sleeping Princess,”
It’s the novel about a woman caring for her dying mother and whose only, and obsessive, relief is Balanchine’s work.


As for “Who Have the Power,” she had loved the television series “Bonanza” as a child. Later, her interest in the Comstock Lode history grew into a feminist and economic critique. Well received by historians and Native American readers, “Who Have the Power ” speculates on what happens to the histories we have lost – specifically, the histories of women and Native Americans. (“Bonanza” was a popular series about a family that, by its producer’s design, completely excluded women and dealt patronizingly (but trying with good intentions) with minorities and Native Americans.)

More about the author’s publications.

Both “Who Have the Power” and “Quest of the Sleeping Princess” tell stories about the power of imagination. How they shape our most personal and most public worlds.

Sheeran’s novel, “Banished From Memory” (2019) takes a look at Hollywood movie-making in 1960 through the eyes of two young legacies of the blacklist era.

Some years before, Sheeran returned to the idea of a novel about the Comstock Lode. During the late 2000s, while singing cabaret shows in New York, she wrote “A Dangerous Liberty”

In which she looked at the region from a different perspective. Cabaret shows and other work took her away from marketing it too intensively. However, ultimately, the book found a publisher in Prairie Rose. “A Dangerous Liberty” returns to the post-Civil War Comstock Lode. This time a more romantic story between a concert pianist. With a tragic past, and a Spanish winemaker fighting to recover his lands. So this novel actually precedes “Banished From Memory.”

Ms. Sheeran holds a bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College where she studied history, theater, and music. Also, A Master of Divinity degree from New York Theological Seminary.




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